ArtRebels creates, promotes and supports creative projects – both commercial and artistic. I was a Partner at ArtRebels 2007-2012 and have been involved in many aspects of the company’s development and growth over the years, primarily as the Creative Director. Visit

From our 2010 re-launch event at Pumpehuset.

ArtRebels is first and foremost a movement and a creative business focused on ways to create opportunities for creative expression. ArtRebels was founded in 2006 and has since expanded into a hybrid of businesses and projects, resulting in a collaborative network and tribe of creatives and first-movers that create, support and participate in projects, experiences and products for the X, Y and Z generations.
ArtRebels runs the global platform that curates and sells art work and products from hundreds of creatives in the shop. Furthermore the website expose culture and sub-cultural scenes from around the world, via their international network of bloggers, fans and connectors on the ArtRebels blog.

The ArtRebels Agency creates radical communication that connects people, movements and brands. The Agency develops and executes commercial, cultural and social projects. The agency is mainly focused on creating value for their clients and collaborators by developing alternative branding solutions, social media strategies, events, marketing and much, much more.

TrailerPark Festival
ArtRebels hosts the annual art and music festival TrailerPark Festival, which has become one of the most prominent, and surely the most creative and loving, festivals in Copenhagen. The festival has a global scope and has gained international critical acclaim. It has a clear focus on both the musical line-up as well as the uniquely created artistic surrounding.


Proceeds from TrailerPark Festival goes to the non-profit organisation HeartRebels, which works to support youth culture and empowerment around the world, striving to give young individuals self-confidence and zest for the future, in order for them to become their own agents of action.

ArtRebels is a creative business, a movement and a network for artists, musicians, designers, film makers, cultural activists, web designers, event makers and other creative souls. Learn more about the entire ArtRebels univers by reading the publication ArtRebels Times or visit the very popular Facebook group or follow us on Twitter.

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