An insight into the production of Tobias Lindholm’s film A HIJACKING (KAPRINGEN). Directed and produced by Mette Ohlendorff & Mathias Nyholm Schmidt in collaboration with Nordisk Film and the Danish Film Institute.

R is the title of director-duo Tobias Lindholm & Michael Noer’s fiction-film debut – a hardhitting story about an imprisoned man doing time in Horsens State Penitentiary. The film is produced by René Ezra & Tomas Radoor from Nordisk Film and launched in collaboration with me. I lead the development and execution of the Viral launch concept, Social media strategy, Pre-screening tour, Guerilla Marketing and Galla Premier event concept. Read blog posts about the project here:

Anecdotes from the making of R &
From 35mm to web 2.0.

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